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2006.12.14-15 On December 14-15th RINGrid project presentation will be given during the Belief eInfrastructures conference held on 14-15th of December in New Delhi, India. Virtual Laboratory works as a part of RINGrid project.
The conference will be focused on mobility aspects in the concept of the remote instrumentation, access to very rare and expensive equipment in the context of next-generation broadband networks and grid infrastructure.
    Belief eInfrastructures
2006.12.4-6 A presentation "Virtual Laboratory as a Remote and Interactive Access to the Scientific Instrumentation Embedded in Grid Environment" will be held as a part of Workshop on Collaborative Remote Laboratories at 2nd International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing in Amsterdam, Netherlands.     eScience 2006
2005.06.19 VL system prestenation at the Euro-Southeast Asia 2006 conference in Singapore.     EUSEA 2006
2005.11.20-23 VL related prestenation "The Grid Embedded Interactive Jobs Invocation" at the CGW 2005 conference in Cracow, Poland.   430 KB CGW 2005
2005.11.12-18 VLab system demo presentation at the Supercomputing 2005 conference in Seattle (Washington, US). 12 to 18 November 2005 in Washington State Convention and Trade Center.     SC|05
2005.09.27-29 VLab system presentation at the iGRID 2005 workshop (27 and 29 September: "Bertram Grosvenor GOODHUE" hall, San Diego, California).   iGRID Blog iGRID 2005
2005.08.25 Our article "Running Interactive Jobs in the Grid Environment" was accepted for the poster session at PPAM 2005 conference.     PPAM 2005
2005.06.6-9 Presentation Scheduling Interactive Tasks in the Grid-based Systems which is part of session Scheduling Applications on the Grid was be held at TERENA Networking Conference 2005 in Poznan, Poland on June 7th     TERENA Networking Conference 2005
2005.02.14-16 European Grid Conference 2005 conference in Amsterdam, the Nederlands.     European Grid Conference 2005
2004.12.12-15 CGW 2004 conference in Cracow, Poland.   430 KB CGW 2004
2004.11.15-17 IST 2004 conference in Hague, the Netherlands.   IST 2004
2004.11.08 The idea of dynamic measurement scenarios in the Virtual Laboratory system was presented at the GRID 2004 conference in Pittsburgh, USA.   GRID 2004
2004.10.21-22 Naukowa Biblioteka Cyfrowa dla Spektroskopii Magnetycznego Rezonansu Jadrowego and Model Bezpieczenstwa Dostepu do Zasobow w Systemach Gridowych were presented at the SIS conference in Lodz, Poland. in Polish   551 KB 1,25 MB SIS 2004
2004.09.27-29 Workflow with Dynamic Measurement Scenarios in the Virtual Laboratory was presented at the 6th CARNet Users Conference in Zagreb, Croatia.   CUC 2004
2004.09.28-29 Generalization aspects in the Virtual Laboratory were presented at the Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation 2004 conference in Villach, Austria.   REV 2004
2004.06.07-10 The Trans-European-Research and Education Networking Association (Terena 2004) conference was held in Rhodes, Greece. The Virtal Laboratory idea was shown by Norbert Meyer in the presentation "The Effective Integration of Scientific Instruments in the Grid".   Terena 2004
2004.06.06-09 We presented the "General concept of the Virtual Laboratory" at the International Conference on Computational Science in Cracow, Poland. ICCS 2004
2004.06.06-11 The AMPERE XII Nuclear Magnetic Resonance School took place in Zakopane (Poland).   AMPERE XII Nuclear Magnetic Resonance School
2004.05.19-20 Pioner 2004 conference in Poznan. in Polish   Secure access to the data management applications in Virtual Laboratory system - 567 KB Tasks flow management on the virtual laboratory with use of the dynamic measurements scenarios - 2,5 MB PIONIER 2004
2004.05.06-07 The next project review took place in Cracow. in Polish   2 MB  
2004.04.06 The SGIGrid project participants technical meeting at PSNC, Poznan. in Polish   Agenda - 35 KB WP 3.1: VL & Teleimmersion presentation (AGH) - 270 KB VL: Digital Library presentation (PLCK) - 576 KB RAD-SGI presentation (AGH) - 81 KB After-meeting notes (70 KB)  
2004.03.09 Job workflow in the Virtual Laboratory was presented at the Global Grid Forum.   Job workflow in the Virtual Laboratory - 995 KB Global Grid Forum
2003.12.03-07 The main goals of the virtual laboratory research grant (started on June 2003) was shown at the Reporting Symposium of the State Committee. in Polish   3,9 MB  
2003.12.01-02 The virtual laboratory conception was presented at the XXXVI Polish Seminar on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Its Applications in Krakow (abstract - 30KB).     XXXVI Polish Seminar on NMR
2003.11.17-21 The first working prototype of the Virtual Laboratory system was shown at the Supercomputing 2003 conference.   SC2003
2003.11.06-07 The SGIGrid project participants meeting at AGH in Cracow. in Polish   920 KB  
2003.09.22-23 The concept of virtual laboratory was presented during the "5th Central European NMR Symposium" conference in Łódz (abstract - 40 KB).   2,7 MB  
2003.06.27 The second meeting of the VLab project was held in the Cyfronet office in Krakow. The discussion covered the current project progress and the new tasks definition for the following months (meeting schedule - 82 KB). in Polish   DSRG - 542KB LODMAN - 177 KB PSNC - 643 KB  
2003.05.30 This was the second meeting of the people involved in the research project. It was held in PSNC, the following points were discussed: tasks in the project, stages of tasks realisation, system architecture, user requirements, tasks for the Astronomical Centre of NCU.
2003.05.08 A meeting in the Radio Astronomy Observatory Center of the NC University (in Piwnice, near the city of Toruń). The main goal of this meeting was to discuss the scope of cooperation between all participants of the research project. Pictures from the meeting. in Polish   197 KB  
2003.04.28-29 The virtual laboratory concept was shown at the reporting symposium in IBCh PAS, Poznań.    
2003.04.09-11 The concept of virtual laboratory was shown at the PIONIER conference, during the Poznań Infosystem fair. in Polish   950 KB  
2003.04.08 Suggestions reffering to the VLAB system architecture were discussed during the second meeting of WP 3.1 task of the SGI project, which was held in the PSNC office in Poznań.
2003.03.26-28 The conference on "Wide area network and new business models in telecommunications" was held in Zakopane. in Polish   1,8 MB  
2003.03.14 The first meeting on the VLab project was held in the ATM S.A. office in Warsaw. The tasks schedule was discussed.
2003.01.24 An initial meeting on the project on Great scale calculation and visualisation for application in virtual laboratory with SGI cluster.
Warsaw, ATM headquarter.
2002.12.01 Initialisation of the project on Great scale calculation and visualisation for application in virtual laboratory with SGI cluster.      
2002.11.04-06 Project presentation at the IST2002 conference in Copenhagen.    
2002.04.23-26 Introduction to the Virtual Laboratory system at the PIONIER conference organized during the Poznań Infosystem fair.