Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center
Address:    Noskowskiego 10,
  61-704 Poznań,
Phone:    (+48 61) 858 20 01
Fax:    (+48 61) 852 59 54
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Virtual Laboratory discussion list

PSNC VLab team
Name Institution E-mail Responsibility
Marcin Lawenda PSNC    VLab project manager, first contact person
Tomasz Rajtar PSNC    Portal - user interface
Marcin Okoń PSNC    Global Scheduling, Local Scheduling, Job submission
Dominik Stokłosa PSNC    Scenario Submission Application, Grid Gateway
Damian Kaliszan PSNC    Scenario Management Module, Accounting
Piotr Mierzyński PSNC    Grid Gateway

PSNC management
Name Institution E-mail Responsibility
Maciej Stroiński PSNC    PSNC technical director
Norbert Meyer PSNC    Supercomputing Department manager

Institute of the Bioorganic Chemistry
Name Institution E-mail Responsibility
Ryszard W. Adamiak IBCh PAS    Head of Laboratory of Structural Chemistry of Nucleic Acids
Zofia Gdaniec IBCh PAS    Head of Biomolecular NMR Group
Łukasz Popenda IBCh PAS    Member of Biomolecular NMR Group

Torun Centre for Astronomy of the Nicolaus Copernicus University
Name Institution E-mail Responsibility
Andrzej Kus TCFA NCU    Head of the Department of Radio Astronomy
Kazimierz Borkowski TCFA NCU    The Department of Radio Astronomy member
Eugeniusz Pazderski TCFA NCU    The Department of Radio Astronomy member